What is Drip Irrigation?

A drip irrigation system is a high-performance, low-tech way of delivering just what a lawn needs in a controlled way. The flexible pipe system, which can be installed on or below the surface of the soil is designed to release water directly to the roots of the lawn.

What are the Benefits of Installing a Drip Irrigation System?

There are many benefits of a drip irrigation system. They’re a far more efficient solution than a traditional sprinkler system which simply sprays water into the air, potentially overspraying patios or evaporating in hot weather. The drip system is a localised application which means that waste, runoff and evaporation are reduced.

This system of delivery means that the growth of weeds is restricted, soil erosion is reduced and critically, the risk of disease is minimised. Particularly beneficial is the fact that the flexible pipe systems are ideal for installation in areas which happen to be steep or are unusually shaped. In essence, a properly designed, installed and maintained system can not only be labour-saving and cost-effective, but can also save time, water and energy.

There are a few limitations to consider when thinking about installing a drip irrigation system. Proper planning, design and installation in consultation with experts is essential. It’s also worth keeping in mind that regular maintenance is a must.

There are some areas where drip irrigation systems may not be suitable: in places where there are populations of moles or extensive tree root systems for example. With regard to sub-surface systems, there are some concerns about not being able to see the system working. However, the proof is usually evident in the resulting plant growth and such systems can be a compelling option.