Why Install Irrigation Systems?

Royce Turf and Irrigation Ltd provide a full range of irrigation services to suit everyone’s needs and budget. It doesn’t matter whether you are looking for a simple DIY system or a complex installation for a commercial landscape, our dedicated team of engineers can provide you with the right system based on your requirements.

Watering Systems can help save you money and time, as long as it has been designed based on your needs. When you water your lawn manually, you will be wasting more than half of the water due to evaporation and runoff. Irrigation systems can be programmed to turn on during the evening when evaporation is low. The bigger the garden, the more time it requires watering by hand. Homeowners and other property owners will see a lot of benefits with proper irrigation. It is a cost-effective way to make sure that your landscaping is sustainable in the long run.

Automated Watering Systems

An automated Irrigation System helps in conserving water while maintaining a healthy lawn. Through automation, you can prevent under-watering and over-watering. The sprinkler system will be able to keep your shrubs, flower beds and lawns looking vibrant no matter what time of year it is.

A beautiful lawn is one of the factors that determine the value of a property. Aside from helping keep the beauty of lawns and gardens, watering systems provide a cost efficient way to increase the value of the property. With an automated system, you don’t need to monitor the watering of the turf because it shuts the water off when the task is completed.

Financial Benefits of Irrigation

Automated Irrigation Systems can appear expensive initially, but they provide a good return on investment in the long run. We equip our systems with rain sensors to save on unneeded watering. Our system can also be programmed to run daily, weekly or any other schedule based on the needs of your green areas. We take into account the climate and landscape to design a system that will maximise its economic benefit. Effective systems can lower your irrigation expenses. They can save time, money and energy that you can spend on other home improvement projects.

Complete Irrigation Solution

Royce Turf and Irrigation Ltd provides a complete solution to your irrigation problems. When you contact us we provide a free quote with no obligation. That way you will know exactly how much your investment will be. Once you are committed to having an automated irrigation system installed, we will design one for you. We will consider all the factors to come up with the best design that suits your garden needs, then our professional team will install the system for you. Our services are available in the South-East and South of England only.