Easigrass artificial grass comes with an 8-year guarantee from the date of installation, but will last much longer. It is very low-maintenance, but here are some useful tips to help you keep it in prime condition:

  • Any spillages or animal urine can simply be washed away.
  • Dog & fox urine can also be sprayed with Easi-re-odoriser.
  • If you are planning a barbecue, protect the area with wood or canvas to avoid hot embers falling on the grass.
  • Like ordinary grass, heavy use may produce some areas that look a little depressed or flattened. Just use a stiff or mechanical brush to lift the pile up again.
  • If you are painting in the immediate area of the grass, protect it with either a normal decorating sheet, plastic or newspaper.
  • Imprints from garden furniture will lift naturally in time, but, if required, use a small, stiff brush.
  • If airbourne spore/seeds occur on the edging and/or grass, simply pluck them out and use a gentle weed killer which prevents them returning.
  • Please do not use the grass as a launch pad for your fireworks.

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