What is Micro Irrigation?

Micro irrigation is a type of irrigation which saves water and nutrients, by delivering on a smaller scale. Water and nutrients can be delivered directly above or below the surface of soil, whether by continuous or discrete drops, or streams.

It can be delivered in a number of different, cost effective, and environmentally sound methods.

Types of micro irrigation:

  • Semi permanent sprinkler irrigation systems – a sprinkler irrigation system that can be set up and removed as and when seasons change
  • Micro sprinklers – these project water using water jets, often called micro diffusers, and can be interchangeable according to your need
  • Drip irrigation – localised application of irrigation, allowing for less water wastage
  • Micro jet irrigation – jets deliver a fine spray of water across a small area (up to 2 metres in radius) – a cheaper alternative to drip irritation
  • Rain gun sprinklers – ideal for larger areas, rain guns are ideal for large gardens, school fields, and field crops
  • Gravity fed drip irrigation – all the benefits of drip irrigation, but water is delivered using a water tank or butt, elevated above plants, allowing gravity to deliver water through hoses and fittings

What are the advantages of micro irrigation?

  • Water conservation
  • Leads to more efficient nutrient and fertilizer distribution
  • Energy efficient
  • Reduction in weed growth
  • Increased yield
  • Less disease and pest risk
  • Labour efficient

If you’re looking to implement a micro irrigation system – whether for a garden lawn, field, or industrial project, Royce Turf can help you to water grass and other plants with minimal effort and water usage, and with maximum effect.