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How long does it take turf to root?

Once your new lawn has been laid, it is important to continue to care for the turf as it begins to root. If you look after your turf during the turf settlement process, your lawn will continue to be healthy throughout the year.

If you are waiting for your turf to settle or ‘root’, there are a few things you need to do to help your garden, and the new turf, look its best. First, let’s find out about the process of turf laying.

The process of Turf Laying

Royce Turf provides the highest-quality, healthy turf that is ready to be laid all year round. The only time turf can’t be laid is in frosty conditions, as the ground conditions are frozen, turf laid on top will keep the ground colder for a longer period, wait for the frost to come out. Once laid frost will not affect the new grass.

To encourage deep rooting of new turf, the ground should be prepared in advance of taking delivery of your new garden turf rolls. By correctly preparing the soil where you plan to lay turf, you can almost guarantee long lasting and properly penetrated turf.

What do I need to prepare for garden turf?

  • Wheelbarrow
  • Spade
  • Rake
  • Topsoil
  • Hosepipe

You should remove weeds from the area and dig through the soil to remove the roots of perennial weeds. Then you should use your gardening tools to break down large lumps of soil before raking over the soil to level the area. Your garden requires a minimum of 100mm of good soil that is free from stones and other debris that could prevent the rooting of your new turf into the earth.

How long does it take until you can walk on new turf?

A frequently asked question about new turf is when it is suitable to be walked on and used as normal. The experts here at Royce Turf always recommend you wait three to four weeks to give the roots enough time to firmly deepen into the soil below.  You should also wait around this time until you mow the lawn for the first time, as this process can disrupt the turf and prevent it from taking to the soil properly. If you have to walk on the new area, use a board or where flat shoes.

Laying Turf – How long does the whole process take?

The whole process of laying turf can take up to four weeks depending on weather and how well the ground was prepared prior to laying the fresh turf. During these four weeks, the roots in the turf will grow into the soil and the turf will become stronger and more able to withstand harsh weather conditions. At this point, you will also be able to mow your lawn and use it as desired.

Helping new turf to root into the ground

It is important that you look after your new turf, especially when it has recently been laid. As the process of rooting the turf can take several weeks, you need to be prepared to regularly water the turf even when the weather is not hot. This will prevent the turf from shrinking as it will be given enough water to allow it to settle into the ground it has been laid on.

The ground must be prepared to take the new turf. If this is something you feel is too big a task for yourself, then you should seek the assistance of a professional to help you prepare for the new turf. If this part of the process is not completed properly, you risk wasting new turf by not laying it on suitable ground conditions.

Lawn Tips from Royce Turf

Royce turf provides high-quality lawn and installation to homes across the South East. Our expert team offer you guidance on looking after your new lawn, including when the best months are to lay turf, how often it will need watering and any other ongoing maintenance.

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