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How To Make Your Grass Green

The one thing anyone with a lawn wants is for it to look luscious and healthy all year round. However, many people resign themselves to a patchy and sad looking lawn if they can’t figure out a way to keep the grass green at all times. 

Does this sound like you?

Don’t despair, this month at Royce Turf & Irrigation, we’ll talk you through a variety of tips to get green grass and maintain a healthy lawn all year round. These tips range from the simple to the slightly more complex, but give them a go and see if you notice the difference.

Green grass in garden

How to get a green lawn

Remove leaves 

Starting with the basics, your lawn needs plenty of sunlight to grow, so make sure you remove any leaves that fall – particularly in autumn. The same goes for grass clippings once you’ve mowed.

If you leave your lawn covered in any way, you can expect the grass to start to lose its colour, just like when you place furniture on top of it for long periods only to find a yellow, flat patch when you finally move it. In addition, you could start to develop diseases in your grass under a layer of leaves and debris as it starts to decay.


Get rid of weeds

 Another tip at the basic end of the scale, removing weeds not only helps to make your lawn look better, but it’s great for the health of your grass too. 

Weeds are a drain on the water and nutrients in your lawn, but luckily we’ve already tackled the issues of how to remove weeds to help you with this problem.

Water well

We all know grass needs water to grow, but often people either forget about this part or are unsure how much or little to water. It’s a good idea to keep a close eye on this in drier periods of the year when there’s very little rain, but an irrigation system can help with all your watering needs.

Not only could an irrigation system, designed to suit your lawn, help to maintain the right level of watering, but it could also save you money on your water bills, as it will only use as much as it needs. 

Read more tips on watering a new lawn here.


Whether you’ve seen it on gardening shows or at football grounds, you’ve likely seen someone using a garden fork to create air channels in the turf. This is called aeration and it’s good for any lawn that is compacted – whether that’s because of heavy foot traffic or simply because of clay-based soil. If your soil is compacted, push a garden fork in regularly to provide air for the lawn.



Feeding your lawn is one way to get the results you’re after, but do so with caution. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions and apply after cutting the lawn, ensuring there is enough moisture in the soil to be able to absorb the fertiliser – and get professional advice if you’re unsure what type you need and how often you should apply it.


Mow to the right height

 Generally, the height of your grass should never be lower than 2.5cm. This is because your grass can quickly dry out if it’s too short. If your grass is in a particularly shady location, aim for around 4cm of height to give it a good chance of absorbing more sunlight. The height to mow your grass will depend largely on the conditions, but somewhere between these two measurements is what you should aim for.

If you need more specific advice on looking after new turf, including mowing instructions, please see our new turf aftercare guide.

Buy quality turf

If all of the above has failed you, then it might be that your turf simply was never the right quality in the first place. Cheap turf is easy to come by, but it won’t bring you those lush green results you’re after. Always buy the right turf from a dedicated, professional supplier to give your lawn the best possible chance of succeeding once laid.

Quality lawn turf from Royce Turf

Closeup of freshly cut Regal Turf

Choosing quality lawn turf for your garden is the best way to ensure you can cultivate a green space all year round. There are plenty of things you can do to create the dream lawn you’re after – especially following our tips above – but if you need fresh, quality turf for your garden then look no further than Royce Turf & Irrigation. We work with one of the UK’s leading turf growers, County Turf, so you can expect the same exacting, high standards they produced for the Olympic Stadium and Lord’s Cricket Ground.

Call today and ask our expert team about the right turf for your garden or take a look at the variety we offer on our turf page.

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