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How To Remove Lawn Weeds

With the sun shining and the temperatures climbing, plants everywhere are loving life. But at the same time, the weeds are also coming through and trying to spoil your perfect lawn. There’s nothing that ruins a garden more, especially your turf, than unwanted weeds.

So how can you get rid of weeds in your turf? This month, we’ll be giving you some handy tips on how to remove lawn weeds so that you can restore your garden and enjoy it all year long.

Lawn weeds


Manually removing weeds

The most obvious way to remove weeds is by manually removing them. Sometimes this is as simple as holding the turf down using one hand and pulling up the weed with the other. But as we all know, weeds can take root deep over time, so if you know you need to really dig up a weed and, inevitably, the turf around it, make sure you do so when the turf is growing so it can repair itself quickly.

Your other manual option is one of the many weed pulling tools on the market. These remove the bending or stooping to pull the weeds by using sharp prongs on the end of a stick – just be sure you’ve got the roots of the weed when using them.


Using weed killers

Spraying weed killer on lawn

When going down the chemical route, you should always use caution. Weed killers can be bought from most good garden centres or DIY stores and will come in a variety of types. Some you’ll find for specific weeds, such as dandelions, while others will take a broader approach, giving you options depending on whether you’re plagued by a certain type of weed or just weeds in general.

You’ll need to give this option time to take effect, sometimes several weeks, and even then you may kill some weeds while others continue to flourish. It’s important not to overdo it, however, or you risk damaging the health of your lawn. We always urge caution when using any kind of chemical treatment.


Remove lawn weeds organically 

If you’re looking for a more organic approach, try a vinegar solution. You’ll need vinegar with a high acidity if you’re looking to do more than just wilt weeds, but ensure you have protective gloves and eye equipment if using cleaning vinegar solutions.

Ultimately, even an organic solution can cause trouble, since vinegar is not selective about what it kills off. Vinegar might work on weeds between paving, but on your lawn, you might also risk killing off parts of your turf, so it’s not advisable for lawns but potentially a good tip for paths. We always urge caution when using any kind of organic weed treatment.


Prevent weeds in the first place

While there are a number of ways to remove weeds, one of the best ways to avoid having to do any of this – or at least minimising it – is by trying to prevent weeds in the first place. You can do this in a number of ways, including by:

  • Keeping your grass height right when mowing
  • Seeding any thinning turf to fend off weeds
  • Raking or scarifying your lawn to prevent a spongy moss

You can also ensure you don’t create an environment for weeds with our next tip:


Buying quality turf

Regal turf

Whether you already have a weed-infested lawn, or you’re simply thinking about laying some fresh turf as part of your landscaping plans, by investing in quality lawn turf you can give yourself a better chance of avoiding weeds. We all know that weeds will find a way eventually, but if you start with quality turf and properly prepare your ground, you ought to find fewer weeds naturally occurring in the turf. Cheap, poorly cultivated turf will be likely to come with weeds dormant inside and might be bare, presenting a fertile place for weeds to take hold.


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