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Bespoke & Eco-Friendly Rain Water Harvesting Systems

Summer is just around the corner and with this in mind, it’s worth considering how you will keep your garden or landscape looking lush and healthy all summer long. Here at Royce Turf & Irrigation, we supply some of the most sophisticated and effective water irrigation systems around.

Whether you’re looking at a simple, retrofit system or planning a full-scale irrigation installation, we have a whole host of experience and expertise to integrate our products effectively, efficiently and affordably.

Re-Use Your Rain Water

One of our stand-out products is our Rain Water Harvesting System which utilizes collected rainwater and distributes it throughout your system, saving water and money. Supplying both above and below ground water tanks, we can retrofit your rain water harvesting system into an existing irrigation system or carry out a brand new installation.

As well as maintaining your garden, you will benefit from an eco-friendly system that recycles rain water offering a cheaper alternative to boreholes. Ideal for new builds, it’s important to purchase the biggest water tank you can afford allowing you to store rain water for later use. Controlled tap water fill up options ensure that the water overflow of your system is maintained for effective use.

Bespoke Design

Beneficial on a commercial and domestic scale, we recommend roof top drainage overflow systems as oppose to driveway collection, due to the efficient rain water collection. It is this attention to detail that we pride ourselves on. We understand that every location is different however, which is why we offer complete and thorough site surveys, exploring all your irrigation possibilities.

Whatever you’re requirements or budget, here at Royce Turf & Irrigation, we can tailor a rain water harvester system to your requirements, ensuring your landscape is maintained all year round.

For more information on our rain water harvesting systems or any of our irrigation systems, be sure to get in touch with our team today on  01932 629 074  or contact us online.

Five Fantastic To Keep Your Garden Looking Great This Summer

A well cared-for garden is a source of pride and pleasure. However, keeping the garden looking its best requires some effort. The summer months are the ideal time of the year to revamp a garden. Summer days are longer and warmer, and any efforts you put into your garden will soon pay off. In this article you will find-five top tips to keep your garden looking great this summer:

1. Irrigation

Although the summer temperatures in the UK are not excessively high, the increased heat and dryness can affect the health of the plants in your garden. Direct sunlight can dry the soil very quickly and starve the plants, constant winds can have the same effect. Although it is usually recommended to water a garden with one inch of water per week, individual circumstances vary. Over-watering can be just as detrimental as under-watering, as this can cause the soil and roots to rot and decay. To achieve a happy medium, irrigation systems are a fantastic idea. These can be customised according to the size and condition of each garden, so that you will have to invest less time in keeping the garden looking good and you can spend more time in enjoying it.

2. Garden Maintenance

Depending on the size of your garden and the amount of plants in it, you may want to carry out maintenance every week or every fortnight. A typical summer maintenance routine would include pruning, weeding, mulching (essential to help keep the soil moist in the summer heat), fertilising, and adding pest-control solutions where required. The summer is also a good time to plant some annuals, which can help infuse new life into to a tired-looking garden.

3. Paving and Shaping

Adding paths is a great way of changing the look of your garden and keeping it tidy. Just laying a few blocks between the driveway and your front door can make a huge difference, but the options do not end there. Other ideas include adding decorative stones, gravel, or adding definition to your garden with some edging plants.

4. Mowing and Turfing

It is surprising just how quickly the lawn grows during the summer. As a result, many garden owners make the mistake of over-mowing, or cutting the grass too short. Contrary to popular belief, this has a negative effect on the grass, as it facilitates weed infestation. If your lawn is just too damaged to be fixed, consider turfing. Most of the time, laying a few turf pieces on lightly moist soil will be sufficient.


Don’t be afraid to experiment with new flowers. Go beyond the typical dahlias or begonias and plant some lilies, summer narcisus, and ismenes, which will instantly light up any garden and make it stand out.

Here at Royce Turf and Irrigation we have everything you need to keep your garden pristine this summer. For more information on our first class gardening solutions get in touch today on  01932 629 074  to speak to an expert member of our team.

Caring In The Cold: Looking After Your Lawn

As the icy cold clutches of the worst of the winter weather start to draw ever closer, our attention returns to our gardens, as they have done in the summer months. However, the reasons behind our watchful horticultural eyes are vastly different – this time of year, we’re trying to prevent the cold weather from stripping our gardens bare and killing off all our hard work of the last 12 months.

Mowing the lawn is something that becomes less necessary as winter approaches, but your lawn will still require maintenance during the colder months.

Don’t Mow

The winter months can be damaging on a lawn, and one of the reasons for NOT mowing your lawn at this time of year is because you can actually end up churning it up. As a lawn receives less heat during the winter it will struggle to dry out after wet weather, or when any snow on its surface has melted. Consequently, attempting to mow your lawn when it’s still not fully dry will often result in tearing up parts of the lawn with your mower – instead of a neatly cut lawn, you’re left with a muddy mess.

Avoid Too Much Foot Traffic

Walking on a lawn in the winter time should also be kept to a minimum, as this can cause bare tracks to emerge through the grass as well as damaging what little fragile growth is going on underneath. This type of damage is more likely to occur when a lawn is wet and it has been closely cut.

Remove Debris

Debris can also accumulate on a lawn from autumn onwards, especially leaves, twigs and branches. If this isn’t removed then your lawn can end up looking discoloured because sunlight hasn’t been able to reach it – smothered lawns will easily die off in places, so it’s important to keep it clear to allow the small amount of growth to flourish.

Don’t Overuse Fertiliser

Fertiliser shouldn’t be overused on your lawn during the winter. Putting too much fertiliser on a lawn can make it dehydrated, and cause what is known as fertiliser burn – a common symptom during the colder weather. There may be a temptation to apply fertiliser to a lawn during every season, especially during winter when growth is slow or non-existent, but doing so at a time when there is slow growth can mean that grass is unable to absorb water efficiently. Discolouration will be one sign that fertiliser burn has affected a lawn.

Royce Turf & Irrigation Ltd was established in 1989 and since then we have become one of the South of England’s top turf and irrigation distributors. We cut turf to order, and have a fleet of vehicles that ensures that turf of any quantity can be delivered to you. Alternatively, you can collect your turf from us. For further information please call us on 01932 629 074 , or find out more about our services through our website.

How do I look after my lawn mower during the winter months?

Whilst Jack Frost glazes your garden with a frosty icing this winter, the idea of donning your gardening gloves is a less favourable choice to staying in the warmth of your home. Whilst you may think that little activity occurs during the winter, now could be the perfect time to keep your garden looking healthy for spring.

At Royce Turf, we are specialists in providing turf and irrigation services since our establishment in 1989. Much like our projects, we have ‘grown’ to become one of the leading distributors in our field. Providing quality cut-to-order turf, the latest in irrigation systems as well as nutrient-rich top soil in Woking, Kingston upon Thames and the surrounding areas, we have an abundance of experience and knowledge at our disposal.

We understand the logistics and science behind growing a good quality turf and offer expert advice on how to maintain the lush condition of your new or existing lawn. Grown to our own very high standards as well as those set by the TGA – an organisation dedicated to the maintenance and improvement of turf quality – you can have faith in the quality of your turf from us.

But there are things you can do to maintain your lawn during the cold, winter months.

1. Keep Off The Grass

If wet or frosty, refrain from trampling over your lawn. Whilst the grass will be growing at a considerably slower rate, if damaged, it will not be able to repair itself until the blossom of spring.

2. Service Your Mower

Only mow your lawn if necessary, as it’s unlikely you will have to mow it at all during the festive season. Use this time to service your mower, checking the blades are sharp and clean. If you do feel the need to mow your lawn, ensure that the cutting height is raised so as not to expose the grass seedlings.

3. Aerate and Clear

By using a fork to make small holes in the lawn, you will bring fresh oxygen to the grass plants as well as improving drainage and relieving compaction. Clear your lawn of any leaves or fallen debris using a light rake or brush, being delicate so as not to disturb the roots of the grass plants.

These simple steps are a sure-fire way to ensure that your garden remains fresh and healthy this winter. For more information on our turf and irrigation services, check out our website.

The Time For Turf This Spring

At the minute, it would seem that Mother Nature has about as much idea as to what’s going on with the weather as we do. With it being snowy one minute, sunny the next, before a quick down pour, it’s no surprise that our gardens have taken the full force of this winter’s wondrous weather.

Our turf and lawns have felt the full brunt of the winter’s uncertainty. With areas waterlogged, frozen and washed away, we can safely say here at Royce Turf & Irrigation, that we are expecting a busy spring.

So What Turf Is Best For You?

As the leading supplier throughout Cobham, Guildford and Kingston-upon-Thames for turfing and turfing supplies, we continue to offer our customers only the finest grades of turf around. We take into account your location, budget and landscaping needs and help build a turfing service around you.


Regal Turf

As the name suggests, our Regal grade of turf is cultivated and harnessed expertly delivering hard-wearing and lush results. Our best-selling product, Regal Turf is the optimum choice for many residences due to its medium texture and it’s durability in areas of high use.

Royal Turf

Our Royal grade of turf possesses stalked grass offering root strength and a fine texture. Best suited for high quality lawn commercial and uses, such as golf courses, it comes in both drought and shade tolerant meaning you can have turf that is long-lasting whatever the weather.

Regency Turf

The last thing you want from a lawn is for it to fade and lose colour as the months go past. Being wet and shade resistant, our Regency turf stands above its competitors when it comes to a lawn that is specifically designed to be resistant to the elements.

Don’t forget, your lawns need feeding too this spring. So be sure to entrust our Scott’s Fertilizer to help keep your lawn fresh and healthy. Be sure to keep an eye out for next month’s article as we highlight the benefits of feeding your lawn. Give us a call today on  01932 629 074  or contact us.

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