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What is Top Soil?

If you have been researching a new garden project and are interested in revamping your lawn, then you have probably come across topsoil. Any garden project requires a combination of planning and the right materials, so how does topsoil differ from other types of soil?

Topsoil is the top 5 to 10 inches of the outermost layer of your garden soil. It has a high concentration of organic matter and is composed of water, sand, and clay.

As topsoil contains organic matter, also known as humus, it is extremely rich in nutrients that provide the perfect growth environment for garden turf and plants.

Do you need topsoil for turf?

Yes, you do need topsoil for turf. New turf requires around four to five inches of topsoil to root properly but depending on the quality of your existing garden soil, you may require less topsoil. As topsoil is sold in bulk bags, you can use as much as you need to make sure your new garden turf is able to root into the ground.

If you are planning to turf your garden for the first time, or interested in replacing existing lawn for a fresh new look, topsoil will help you achieve a healthy looking lawn.

Preparation for a beautiful lawn:

  • Topsoil – Use good quality topsoil to give your new lawn the nutrients it needs to root well.
  • Water – Your turf needs to be watered daily for the first couple of weeks. If the weather is quite wet then you may not need to water your new lawn yourself.
  • Keep off – Though it may be tempting, you should try and prevent anyone from walking on your new lawn to give the roots a good chance at bedding into the soil.
  • Leave it alone – Do not mow your lawn for the first few weeks as this can disturb the rooting process.
  • Use Fertilizer – Use a good quality lawn fertilizer to keep your turf healthy.

Read more turf tips and advice here.

What does the topsoil do?

Topsoil is made up of water, organic matter, microbes, and insects. It is rich in nutrients that are useful for plant growth, including lawn grass. Topsoil is usually between 5 to 10 inches deep depending on the type of garden plant or lawn area you are hoping to grow.

The organic matter is produced after leaves, stems, and plant roots decompose and give the topsoil many of its varied nutrient profile.

For good quality topsoil, you should note the colour of the soil. It’s often said that the darker the colour, the higher the concentration of nutrients present.

Preparing your soil for turf

When the soil is fairly dry, you should cultivate the ground to at least 100mm deep. You can then use a gardening rake to evenly spread the soil over the garden area. This helps the turf to root into the soil evenly, preventing bumps and other issues that may obstruct the turf from rooting into the earth.

It’s also a good idea to water your soil a few days before you plan to lay the turf as this will provide an ideal environment for the turf.

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