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When to lay new turf

Laying turf in your garden can transform your outdoor space much quicker than one from seed. But, if you need to replace, update, or lay turf for the first time, you may be wondering which time of year is best to give your new turf the best possible start.

Can You Lay Turf all Year Round?

Turf can be laid all year round providing the ground conditions are appropriate. Turf can’t be laid during frosty weather as this can slow down thawing and act as a barrier. It does not damage your new turf if the ground becomes frosty once it has been laid.

If you are replacing old turf to freshen up your garden then any existing turf will need to be removed. This is fine most of the year, but during the colder months, if the ground freezes then the old turf will not be able to be removed until the weather has warmed slightly.

Laying Turf in the Winter Months

Though it may come as a surprise to some to find out that turf can be laid all year round, during the winter months the time it takes your new turf to establish is much slower. Turf also takes longer to establish in winter because the days are shorter and the temperature is colder.

A common mistake made by homeowners laying new turf in winter is assuming it won’t need any water at all. As moisture levels in the air are increased throughout winter, there is no need to water your new turf daily unlike during the warmer spring to summer months, however, it is important to take note of how long it has been since it last rained, as several dry days in a row could damage your new turf if it has not taken to the ground completely at this point.

Best Months to Lay Turf

Traditionally the best month to lay turf was between March and June. The less extreme weather conditions in the spring meant that the ground was in good condition to lay turf and the not too hot or cold temperatures meant excessive watering wasn’t necessary. This was also the time when green keepers tended to do gardening work throughout this period.

With premium quality turf now available, the best month to lay turf is all year round. Increasingly, customers are investing in their garden turf projects from the months of September and into November if the weather allows. Garden turf is an incredibly easy way to freshen up your garden and now you are able to do this throughout the year.

Turf Suppliers in Sussex and Surrey

Here at Royce Turf, we help customers in Sussex and Surrey year-round to achieve the garden of their dreams with premium quality turf supplies and expert garden turf installation. Our helpful team is here to help you make sure your garden conditions are suitable for fresh turf and we can help you remove old grass and prepare your garden for laying the new grass.

Our customers often ask us about our new lawn care tips and for our watering new lawn advice on watering your new lawn. Our team will give you all the information you need to make sure your new grass roots properly as well as top tips for lawn care.

Royce Turf supply leading quality turf to homes in Sussex and Surrey. Our specialist team combine years of experience working together with homeowners to transform your outdoor space.

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