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Latest News Why You Shouldn’t Buy Cheap Topsoil

Why You Shouldn’t Buy Cheap Topsoil

the dangers of cheap topsoil - Royce Turf & Irrigation Ltd

This year you might be looking out at your garden, making plans in your head as we get closer to spring. If you’re thinking of doing something big, such as laying new turf or general landscaping, or just looking to create something small, such as planters, then you’re likely to need topsoil.

Topsoil seems like a pretty simple product, and for the most part, it is. However, it’s also integral to how well your gardening plans go. Quality materials make all the difference in gardening and landscaping, but there is always the temptation to try and cut costs by choosing cheap topsoil – especially if you need large quantities. 

This is a bad idea and we’re here to tell you why.



One of the biggest risks with cheap topsoil is that it holds unwanted contaminants. This could be almost anything, including weeds and seeds that will sprout at a later date, but it could also contain general waste and rubbish.

More unscrupulous companies will use other people’s unscreened soil that has been disposed of with general waste, selling it back to people as topsoil. Not only does this compromise the quality of the soil, but it could also pose an environmental danger if you don’t know what is in it.



Similar to the above, you may find that cheap topsoil has more stones and debris in it. While you can expect some unscreened topsoil to contain a certain amount of stones naturally, it shouldn’t be packed with them – this would indicate that, again, this is poorly recycled soil that has been mixed up with waste aggregates.

You can ask your topsoil supplier if they provide screened or unscreened topsoil, depending on your requirements, to find out if it has been sieved for larger rocks, rubble and hardcore.


Soil Type

While topsoil is meant as a bulk material, it should still be of a good enough quality for general use. When you opt for cheap topsoil, you may not be getting the right topsoil you need to promote good structure and growth when it comes to both planting and consistency. Likewise, if the topsoil is an uneven mix of types, you will get uneven results.

Figure out what soil type you need first, then buy the appropriate type – not the other way around.



Depending on what you actually want to use your topsoil for, you may need to consider your purchase more carefully. Cheap topsoil is rarely of any use to anyone, so regardless of whether you want it for planters, lawns or general garden structuring, it’s better to avoid it.

Instead, you should discuss the purpose behind your topsoil with a professional if you have any doubts about what you need. Our team at Royce Turf & Irrigation are lawn turf and topsoil specialists and can advise you on whether we have the right topsoil to meet the demands of your project.


The benefits of quality topsoil

Even standard topsoil should be of a good enough quality to avoid the points we’ve made about cheap topsoil. 

Here are the benefits you’ll get when you avoid companies who cut corners and instead source your supplies from a professional company:

  • Fewer weeds
  • Good soil structure
  • Limited debris
  • Good drainage
  • Peace of mind
  • Less money spent replacing poor quality topsoil
  • Less time spent replacing poor quality topsoil


Looking for cheap topsoil in Cobham, Guildford or Kingston? Don’t do it! Look instead to our quality topsoil supply here at Royce Turf & Irrigation. We screen our topsoil between 15 and 20mm, providing you with reliable soil for your project that will promote growth and add nutrients when laying new turf. 

For more advice and guidance on what type of topsoil you need for your garden and landscaping project, contact our friendly team today.

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