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Winter Lawn Care Tips

Winter lawn care - Royce Turf & Irrigation Ltd

We’ve finally hit winter and that means most of us will be spending a lot more time indoors. However, colder weather doesn’t mean you have to leave your garden unkempt – while there may not be a lot of growing going on, there are still some lawn care tips you should be aware of.

By looking after your lawn throughout every season, you stand a better chance of achieving a plush, green lawn to enjoy on the brighter, warmer days ahead. 

Here are some things you can do to look after your lawn this winter, starting with a common question a lot of people have…


Can you cut wet grass?

Whether it’s due to a recent downpour, the morning dew collecting on blades of grass or a frost that is starting to thaw, your lawn is going to stay wet for large parts of winter.

This leads to people wondering whether they should mow the lawn while it’s wet. The answer is that you should avoid mowing your grass while it is wet, not only because it will be unlikely to grow (only if the temperature goes above 5℃ will you see any growth), but also because of the safety risk posed by mixing water and electricity if you’re using an electric mower. If you must mow your lawn, do so with a manual mower and not an electric one.

The best policy is to leave your grass a little longer in winter – around 25% longer than in summer.


Sweep away leaves

Keep your lawn clear by sweeping or raking it lightly when leaves and other debris start to pile up. Any covering of your lawn could trap moisture and cultivate diseases in your grass.

Just be sure not to overdo it. While the lawn is wet and frosty, try to keep off it to prevent damage.


How do I get rid of moles in my lawn?

If you spot signs of moles this winter, the best thing to do is to remove the mounds and then reseed those areas once we get to spring. Moles are often attracted by food sources – namely worms – so it’s hard to deter them as you want worms to help improve your lawn. 

You could add plants to your garden that they don’t like, such as daffodils, but noise is also a good deterrent. Whether this is a barking dog or a battery-powered device specially designed to emit buzzing noises, moles don’t like to be disturbed so this is an easy option.


Aerate compacted soil

Where any part of your lawn has become compacted, try to aerate it. This will help drain away any water on rainy days and allow air into the ground to promote a healthier environment for your lawn.


Clean your tools 

While you’re trying to give your lawn a rest, it’s a good time to provide your tools with some maintenance, especially if they’re going to sit unused for a while. Clean everything down and use an anti-rust spray for any items you think could be prone to rusting while sitting in the shed or garage in cold and damp conditions.


Keep an eye out for moss

Moss is far more prevalent in the winter months, but it can sap the energy from your lawn. If you know your lawn is prone to moss – it usually prefers wetter, shadier lawns – then take preventative action with a moss control treatment. You can go back to scarifying your lawn once spring arrives.


Winter lawn maintenance shouldn’t be intense. It’s all about protecting your lawn ready for the spring. If your lawn is damaged or is in need of replacement, you can also look at fresh, quality turf to turn your garden back into a green oasis with Royce Turf & Irrigation. 

When it comes to natural turf, there’s no one better to provide expert advice and guidance. We provide turf for the South East of England – including Cobham, Guildford and Kingston – and are happy to help you create the perfect lawn. Call today and speak to our team about our fantastic turf range from the UK’s leading growers, County Turf.

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