Sprinkler Irrigation Systems

What are Sprinkler Irrigation Systems?

Sprinkler irrigation systems are considered an excellent method of delivering water to lawns and gardens as efficiently and uniformly as possible. Water is pumped through a system of pipes and sprayed into the air through sprinkler heads. The water falls in small droplets, mimicking natural rainfall.

Whilst automated pop-up systems are considered the ultimate in irrigation for lawns and gardens, there are several types to choose from - each is designed to deliver the right amount of water at the right time. There are mobile, fixed, impact and gear-driven systems ranging from simple, manually-operated ones to more sophisticated and computerised systems which can be set on timers and some which even have built-in sensors so that if rainfall is due, the system will know to skip a scheduled watering.

What are the Benefits of Installing a Sprinkler Irrigation System?

The addition of a sprinkler irrigation system can be extremely advantageous: providing efficient coverage to small or large areas, distributing water more evenly and efficiently. They are suitable for all types of soil, except where there is heavy clay. Sprinklers can be permanent or mobile and can provide protection during very low or freezing temperatures.

Thought should also be given regarding the installation of a fixed system and the effect on the lawn considered. It may be advisable to factor in the appropriate irrigation system at the planning/landscaping stage as it is highly likely that the lawn will need to be dug up.