We are leading turf suppliers in Surrey with irrigation systems expertise too

For 30 years, we have been a turf supplier in Surrey covering everywhere from Guildford to Kingston Upon Thames, from Chertsey to Epsom and everywhere in between. We're based in Cobham and know the county very well, with all areas in easy reach for our delivery vehicles. We're also close enough for Surrey customers who prefer to collect from our depot.

We deliver new lawn turf and install irrigation systems for gardens, landscaped spaces and sports grounds. Our experience covers a huge variety of properties and locations, and no matter what your requirements are for turf in Surrey we'll be able to provide expert help, as well as supplying all the irrigation equipment and know-how you need.   

New turf needs irrigation – we supply both 

Our expertise in both irrigation systems and turf makes life simple for our customers. New turf must be properly watered regardless of the time of year it's laid down. Being able to rely on just one company for both avoids having to organise various contractors. However, we're also happy to provide only turf or only irrigation – the choice is yours.

Right turf, right place

As the leading quality turf suppliers in Surrey we can help you choose from different types of grass to suit your needs. From a back garden in a family home to ornamental lawns, bowling greens and sports pitches, we can provide the right turf for you. We even provide artificial turf which is low on maintenance, always looks good and is an excellent surface for sports.   

We also supply quality turf and irrigation solutions to builders in Surrey

As professional suppliers of turf and irrigations systems in Surrey, we have worked with leading building companies such as Octagon, Applegate Homes, StoneHaven, Avicam and Nantucket. We have also worked with large Surrey based landscaping companies like Gavin Jones, Goddards, Seymours, and even the Chessington Garden Centre. If you are responsible for a building development or landscaping project, don't hesitate to contact us.  

Did you know turfing your garden in Surrey is good for the environment?

Installing a new irrigation system and turf in your garden can have a positive effect on both the local and global environment. An acre of turf, for example, produces more oxygen than the equivalent area of rainforest. While both trees and grass convert carbon monoxide into oxygen, the turfed area conducts more photosynthesis due to higher plant density.  

With a turfed lawn, you’ll also be contributing to lower temperatures and helping avoid the risk of local flooding, thanks to the increased soil porosity of your turfed lawn in Surrey.

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