Buy turf for your garden in West Sussex

We have years of experience laying and caring for turf in gardens all across West Sussex. A well-kept, pristine turf, whether in your front or back garden can dramatically improve your property both in terms of style and value.


But the advantages to having a nicely turfed garden are more than just aesthetic; a well kempt lawn in West Sussex can also have psychological and environmental advantages. We are leading quality turf suppliers and can supply different types of grass to suit your horticultural needs. For any advice or information on turfing or buying turf for your garden in the West Sussex area, get in touch with Royce Turf & Irrigation Ltd. or give us a call on 01932 860760.

Environmental effects of turfing your garden in West Sussex

Turfing your garden can have very positive effects on the environment both locally and globally. Did you know that an acre of turf produces more oxygen than an acre of rainforest? Both trees and grass conduct photosynthesis, the process of converting harmful carbon monoxide (CO2) into nice healthy oxygen (O2); however, with turf there are so many more plants in the same area that they can perform more photosynthesis. As well as this, it has been proved that turf lowers the temperature of the area, creating a lower lower temperature than the same area with tarmac or concrete.


A turf garden also acts like a sponge, soaking up water. Under your turf, you’ll find increased fungi, bacteria and other organic matter like worms. All of this leads to better soil structure, and increased soil porosity and water infiltration, which allow for rainwater to pass through more easily. So in the case of heavy rainfalls, it reduces the risk of local flooding.

The psychological wellbeing of a well-kept turf garden

There’s something serene and calming about strolling around barefoot on to your very own well trimmed lawn on a hot summer’s day and feeling the grass beneath you. It’s a sense of relaxation and wellbeing which flows from your garden, up through your feet and permeates throughout your entire body.


A nicely trimmed lawn is also a great family area where you can all relax and play together. If you home is your castle, then your garden is your football pitch ground, your cricket field, your private park, or even your very own picnic area.