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TGAStarted in 1989 Royce Turf and Irrigation, we have since grown into one of the leading distributors of Turf and irrigation in the South of England. We run our own haulage fleet and can deliver turf of any quantity efficiently throughout Surrey.We have recently moved into a purpose build yard and office opening at 7.30 am Monday to Friday for turf collection, the only turf company in this area offering this service so early

Turf is cut to order and we require two-three days notice - you can collect or we can deliver. We use our own vehicles and can also provide mounted forklift offloads on larger orders (400 sq metres +) coupled with an early am delivery.

Turf Suppliers

As leading turf suppliers, all turf we sell is grown to the very highest standards by County Turf, based in Lincolnshire. They are members of the TGA, an organisation who are dedicated in maintaining and improving the quality of turf in this country.

We have lawn turf delivered every day that is always in optimum condition to ensure our customers get fresh high quality turf. We supply turf throughout Surrey and the South of England, including Kingston Upon Thames, Woking, Epsom and Chertsey, as well as the areas of Staines, Windsor and Wimbledon

Types of grass available

Lawn Grass

Choosing the correct lawn grass for your garden is key, and we are here to help you make the right choice. We are turf suppliers with a variety of different lawn grass available, from Royal to Regency, it can often be confusing which is the right turf for your garden. Luckily for you the staff here at Royce Turf & Irrigation are well trained and will be able to advise you on the best type of lawn grass for your garden. See below for further details on the varying types of lawn turf.

Types of Turf


The Regal grade of turf is our best-selling grade due to its hard wearing nature and dwarf creeping rye grass. Regal turf has a good colour, a medium texture, roots quickly and is best suited to back lawns or other areas of high usage, such as football grounds.


The Royal grade of turf is an ornamental, landscaping turf with smooth, stalked meadow grass for root strength and a medium/fine texture. Royal turf is best suited for golf tees and high quality lawns. It has low maintenance and is both drought and shade tolerant. It also has an excellent tolerance for wear.


Our Regency turf is specifically designed to be extremely shade tolerant, yet still does well in the sun. It is also wet/drought tolerant. Our Regency turf has a distinct advantage over other seed mixes designed for similar purposes in that it is already an established plant, and so the roots just need to take.

County Greens

County Greens turf is ideally suited for both golf and green lawns - we do not recommend it for private lawns. It has a fine texture and dense close mown sward.


Dominion turf is our budget grade and consists of lawn turf that we have deemed not good enough to meet our other high standards. This being said, it is still a better quality that most other meadow and seeded turf on the market. Dominion turf is suited to larger gardens or areas where quantity is more important than quality.

Covering Chertsey, Kingston Upon Thames, Epsom, Woking and surrounding areas

For any additional information on our turf or if you wish to buy turf, do not hesitate to contact us using our online contact form or by calling us on: 01932 860 760.