Drip Irrigation Systems

Drip irrigation systems water in localised spots for a more efficient watering programme, while flexible pipes mean it is ideal for sloped or unusually-shaped areas. At Royce Turf Supplies, we design and install drip irrigation systems to be labor-saving and cost-effective.

Since this system of watering is mulched over by soil, it limits weed growth and lowers the risk of disease and soil erosion. The system is ideal if you want to save time, money and water, but proper application should be considered; areas with mole populations or extensive tree roots should avoid this irrigation system.

Our expert engineers operate across Surrey, West Sussex and the South East, including Cobham, Guildford and Kingston, installing drip irrigation which yields results. We’re always happy to discuss your garden and irrigation requirements to help you find the right solution and bring over 30 years of knowledge with us.

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